MicroCare to host live critical cleaning demonstrations at IPC Apex 2019

November 27th, 2018 10:36 am | by Admin

MicroCare Corp. is set to host live precision cleaning demonstrations at the IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego,
California from 29-31 January 2019 on booth 3307

The team of experts will be on hand to present the latest cleaning advancements in benchtop and vapour degreaser cleaning. The exclusive TriggerGrip™ cleaning tool and a working vapour degreasing system will be on-hand for demonstrations. These will be used to enable visitors to understand how the innovative cleaning solutions from MicroCare clean effectively, safely and at the lowest-cost-per-part cleaned.

Tergo™ High Performance Flux Remover will be one of the products to be demonstrated in the vapour degreaser during the exhibition. This advanced non-flammable chemistry easily cleans high-temperature solder pastes and flux residues, including water-soluble (OA) fluxes. Additionally, it removes stubborn white residues from lead-free PCBs and can also be used as a degreaser eliminating oxidation and tarnish from finished surfaces.

David Ferguson, Tergo product manager at MicroCare, says: “Since launching Tergo High Performance Flux Remover, we have seen considerable interest in the product. Not only does it clean effectively, but it has the added benefit of having a low-global warming impact and an exceptional toxicity profile. It can also be easily used within existing vapor degreasing systems as we will demonstrate during the exhibition.

“IPC APEX will be the perfect environment in which to demonstrate the MicroCare range of innovative cleaning chemistries and also emphasise our ability to help solve any critical cleaning requirements. With a large team of experienced technical experts locally, and an in-house Critical Cleaning Lab, we can help customers to find the very best critical cleaning solution.”

Further innovative flux removing products to be highlighted during the IPC APEX EXPO include the recently introduced range of flux-cleaning pens. No-Clean Flux Remover, RMA Flux Remover, and Water-Soluble Flux Remover Pens will be shown to visitors. Presented in a pen-style package, these highly effective cleaners have been developed to specifically remove fluxes from PCBs easily and efficiently.
Joining the family of flux removing chemistries is a range of jumbo size flux remover aerosols that are compatible with the TriggerGrip cleaning tool. These include the Heavy-Duty Flux Remover SuprClean™, Alcohol-Enhanced Flux Remover ProClean™ and No-Clean Flux Remover VeriClean™. The larger packages provide 30 percent more cleaning fluid at just 15 percent more cost. As with all MicroCare aerosol products, the cans are guaranteed to completely empty and are suitable for recycling.

Another recently-introduced cleaning product to be highlighted during the event are the ESD Presaturated Cleaning Wipes. Each static-dissipative lint-free wipe is a quick and convenient method to safely clean ESD mats, tools, bins, tool racks, soldering gear and other ESD-sensitive surfaces in any PCB manufacturing facility.

In addition, MicroCare will present its new solder paste and flux cleaning test results at the expo. Working closely with leading solder companies, MicroCare conducted extensive critical cleaning tests to determine the best cleaning fluids and processes for each solder brand and type. The results will be available at the show to review.

For specific detailed information on critical cleaning and to see the MicroCare products working during the live demonstrations at IPC APEX EXPO, or contact:

MicroCare Corporation
Tel:001 860 827 0626
Email: support@microcare.com

MicroCare Europe (UK)
Tel: 0113 3501008
Email: eurosales@microcare.com