KLINGELNBERG presents cutting-edge Industry 4.0 solutions at CIMT

February 18th, 2019 10:42 am | by Admin

HÖFLER Speed Viper 180 cylindrical gear grinding machine


Since its inception in 1989, the China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) has evolved, according to show organisers, to become a leading platform for the international machine tool industry in China, and in the entire East Asian region.

Organised by the China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association (CMTBA), the show is one of the four largest international machine tool trade shows in the world. Machine manufacturer Klingelnberg will be presenting its innovative Closed Loop concept for cylindrical gears, a pioneering Industry 4.0 solution at CIMT from April 15 to 20.

With its entry into the robotics industry, Klingelnberg is also launching an initiative to expand its business outside the gear industry. Klingelnberg’s cycloid measurement option for precision measuring centres provides a reliable solution for monitoring high production standards.

Höfler Cylindrical Gear Grinding Machine Speed Viper 180
Focused on highly effective generating grinding in large-series manufacturing, the Höfler Speed Viper Cyclical Gear Grinding Machine draws on the successful concept of the well-established Viper 500 series of Höfler Cylindrical Gear Grinding Machines. Four different machine models are available to suit individual requirements: Speed Viper 300 and 180 in a single-spindle configuration and Speed Viper² 180 and 80 in a dual-spindle configuration. Speed Viper is designed for maximum workpiece diameters of 80, 180, and 300 mm, depending on the model. The Speed Viper² dual-spindle concept achieves the shortest auxiliary times and therefore fulfils the productivity requirements of the automotive industry. With an outside diameter of 320 mm and a width of 200 mm, the grinding worms ensure a long tool life while minimising auxiliary times for tool changes. An automatic tool clamping system with an integrated balancing unit also contributes to shortened tooling times. With a partial or full automation system, the Speed Viper can also be equipped with an automation interface that meets the VDMA 34180 standard.

The Speed Viper platform is optimally designed for the Industry 4.0 manufacturing environment. Thanks to a broad array of applications and software, Klingelnberg’s cyber-physical production system centralises production control, leading to a standardisation of results achieved on different machines and even in different plants.

KLINGELNBERG P 26 Precision Measuring Centres with “Cycloid Measurement” add-on option
Designed for use in Closed Loop processes, the P 26 Precision Measuring Centre stands for quality management of gearing with scope for future development, and is designed as a compact unit suited to a workpiece diameter range of up to 260 mm. The machine and software concept is optimised for the measurement of complex drive components using a technology that replaces up to six conventional measuring methods: gear measurement, general coordinate measurement, form and position measurement, roughness measurement, contour measurement and optical measuring technology. This guarantees maximum measuring accuracy and reproducibility. Klingelnberg’s P series is one of the most widely used standards in the industry and serves as a reference for metrology institutes – and with good reason.

With the cycloid measurement option, Klingelnberg now offers a reliable solution for monitoring the high production standards of the robotics industry. Cycloid transmissions enable high reduction ratios and are used to transmit forces in robot arms. As the need for high-precision robots increases along with increasing levels of automation, the combination of precision measuring centres and gear grinding machines for cycloids ensures continuous improvement in production quality.

Klingelnberg solutions are close to the market and the user. They also include a comprehensive range of services and software solutions. CIMT visitors will have an opportunity to experience these in action at Klingelnberg’s booth A105 in Hall W1.

Founded in 1863, machine manufacturing firm Klingelnberg is one of the leading companies in the gear industry. Thanks to numerous innovations in the areas of calculation, production, and measuring technology, Klingelnberg considers itself a leader in this industry. With its acquisition of Höfler Maschinenbau GmbH’s core business in 2012, Klingelnberg has added machines for machining cylindrical gears to its range of products, reinforcing its position as a complete system provider.

Headquartered in Zurich, the machine manufacturing firm now develops and manufactures at its sites in Hückeswagen and Ettlingen, as well as Győr, Hungary. The company also maintains a presence with sales and service offices and numerous marketing agents all over the world. Klingelnberg solutions are used in the automotive, commercial vehicle, and aviation industries, as well as in shipbuilding, the wind power industry, and the general transmission manufacturing industry. Applications range from vehicle drives, aircraft turbine engines, and cement mill gear units to drive systems for ships and oil rigs.

With over 200 patent grants, the company continuously demonstrates its capacity for innovation. Above and beyond this, its 14001 certification and participation in the VDMA’s Blue Competence initiative give credence to the company’s sustainable, environmentally sound business practices.

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