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New Hone-All website goes live

May 11th, 2018 11:01 am | by Admin

Over the past few months Hone-All has been working hard on getting its new website ready to launch. The current website has served the company well but is showing its age. The last significant update took place in 2016 and didn’t go far enough to address its structural problems and the site was a good few years old even then.

For the new website Hone-All has updated both the design and content.

New Design
You’ll notice some big improvements in how the new website looks and feels.

Mobile responsive design: you can view the new website on any size screen. The site is coded so it responds to the device you are using and looks good at all screen resolutions.

Intuitive navigation: find all the information you need from an intuitive, easy-to-use navigation menu on the homepage.

Fast loading: all the images, video and other content on the new site are optimised for the web, so they load quickly on any connection speed and device with no more waiting for pages to load.

Easy contact: a number of communication options have been embedded into the new website to make it easy to get in touch by email, contact form or social media.

New Content
Hone-All has taken the opportunity to overhaul the website content with the following improvements:

Better integration with blog: previously the website and blog were only partially connected. The new site makes all the blog content directly accessible from the main website, as well as the company YouTube videos, tweets and Facebook updates.

New multimedia content: new infographics, web pages, articles and explanatory videos have been developed specifically for the new site.

More information: The new website includes updated service pages giving more information about what is on offer and provides the means to find out more.

Free downloadable content: visitors now have the opportunity to download useful free resources from the website, including the e-book: “Your Guide to Deep Hole Drilling, Boring & Honing Costs”.

Find out more
For progress updates or to find out more about Hone-All’s services, get in touch through the online contact form, or:

Hone-All Precision Ltd
Tel: 0845 5555111
Email: sales@hone-all.co.uk