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ARKU InfoDays 2018: smart and networked

June 22nd, 2018 12:10 pm | by Admin

The FlatMaster 88 200 with FlatJack, robot and operator – The robot handles the loading procedure, reducing the physical demands on the operator who can focus on operating the system. Please note that a safety fence separates the machines and the operator, guaranteeing the operator’s safety. The safety fence has been edited out of this image to provide a clearer view


Info event focuses on reliable production processes and a major birthday
Faster, more efficient and more reliable: today’s production standards are more demanding than ever before. The metalworking industry faces the same challenges. That is why ARKU, as a leading provider of leveling and deburring technology, relies on automated processes. The goal is reliable, perfectly functioning processes. From the 11th to the 15th of June 2018, the company demonstrated how, at its HQ in Baden-Baden, Germany. At the Leveling + Deburring InfoDays, visitors experience how robotics and leveling systems harmonize.

This year, visitors of the ARKU InfoDays could look forward to an extensive program. The event focused on a new solution for optimizing sheet metal working: In live demonstrations, ARKU showed the FlatMaster® 88 200 precision leveler with the FlatJack® flatness testing system, together with an upstream pick-and-place robot.

This move toward automated production with reliable processes represents a logical step for ARKU in a year when the company celebrates its 90th anniversary.

“Whether leveling machines, coil applications, deburring machines or robotics, we have been addressing the challenges facing the industry for nine decades,” emphasises Albert Reiss, managing partner at ARKU. “Automation is simply one further aspect. We are certain that we have set the right course for a successful future.”

Utilising the modern EasyEye® camera technology, the self-learning robot “recognises” parts with different thicknesses and materials. It lifts panels weighing up to 100 kg onto the leveler’s supply (remove) roller conveyor. The robot is also suitable for removing the parts. This also reduces the physical demands on the operators. “We have been automating our processes for years”, says Albert Reiss. “This is the key for process reliability and high-quality parts. Our contract processing customers also profit from the automation: stable processes produce panels with reliably (remove) high quality.”

Deburring machines can also be equipped with the robot.

The new FlatJack flatness testing system
ARKU presents a new variant of the FlatJack in combination with the FlatMaster. The flatness testing system is now also available for levelers with an opening width of 2000 millimeters. The FlatJack control system has been integrated into the control system of the FlatMaster 88 200. Consequently, both machines can be controlled via a single operator panel. This eliminates the need for operators to move back and forth between control panels.

In addition to the live demonstrations, ARKU also presented individual machines such as the EdgeBreaker® 2000 and 4000 deburring and rounding machines for thicker panels, the FlatMaster 55 precision leveler and the EcoMaster® parts levelers in action. Visitors also had the opportunity to level and deburr their own parts on our machines.

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