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Master Abrasives now representing RHODIUS

October 26th, 2018 4:08 pm | by Admin

Master Abrasives has been appointed the UK representative for the range of innovative cutting and grinding products manufactured by Rhodius Schleifwerkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG, based in Burgbrohl, Germany.

Paul Batson, managing director of Master Abrasives, explains: “We identified cut-off-wheels for foundry applications as an area which had potential for strengthening in our product range and have therefore been aiming to make our product offering even stronger and more comprehensive. The Rhodius brand initially stood out to us as their products offer outstanding price-performance ratio. Rhodius products are manufactured to high quality standards in Germany, including their cutting and grinding discs. The new partnership between Master and Rhodius is a positive step forward for both companies.”

Over the past 60+ years, Rhodius as a family-run business has developed and produced professional tools of the highest quality. Their focus is on ensuring customers satisfaction and solving challenges by analysing applications, materials and markets, and developing perfectly fitting products on this basis. Rhodius sells to more than 100 countries worldwide and the brand name is synonymous with high quality for professionals.

These types of cutting and grinding abrasive products are not something Master Abrasives has focused on in the past, so the Rhodius product range now gives the company an opportunity to offer customers with these applications something which is unique and of the highest quality. Product videos with application tips can be watched online on the Rhodius website or YouTube.

The products added to Master Abrasives range can be split into a few categories, the first being extra-thin cutting discs which are ideal for processing thin-walled and solid materials. Within this range, Rhodius offers the thinnest cutting disc available on the market, the XTK6 with a thickness of 0.6 mm which provides a high precision cut with minimal burr formation and reduced material decolourisation due to low heat.

The second type of cutting products are freehand cutting discs which are usually suited to heavy-duty applications. Thanks to a strong material and disc width of up to 4 mm, they offer a higher side stability and are thus a safer option when cutting solid materials. Stationary cutting discs for stationary cutting machines and chop saws are characterised by a long service life and cutting ability. Finally, Rhodius grinding discs are made in a thickness of 7 mm with a special top layer. Grinding discs are characterised by high stock removal and cutting efficiency as well as their long service life.

Across the product range, there are three options available in the Rhodius quality system. ALPHAline is the first option providing products which are reliable grinding tools with an attractive price-performance ratio for the price-conscious expert. PROline is the second for products which have been designed for very high-quality demands and frequent use in industry and trades. They offer a good price-performance ratio and high efficiency. The third quality option is TOPline products, offering professional users maximum product benefits, reliability and comfort with an optimum price-performance ratio.

Master Abrasives already sells a comprehensive range of abrasives but the addition of Rhodius cut off wheels will provide their customers an even better selection of tools. Master Abrasives team is very familiar with cutting and grinding processes, having years of experience in these applications. Their technical representatives can recommend to customers the best products to suit their application and production requirements, guiding them through product trials when the assistance is required.

You can download Rhodius product brochures from the Resin Bond Cut-off-Wheels page on the Master Abrasives website www.master-abrasives.co.uk

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