SurfaceTechnology Germany Exhibition

June 24th, 2020 8:16 am | by Admin

Due to the new scheduling situation this year, SurfaceTechnology GERMANY will now run parallel to parts2clean, the leading international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning. The two trade shows are related not only thematically but are also located side by side at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center in Halls 7 and 9.


Current and future topics in the SurfaceTechnology forum|
One highlight at SurfaceTechnology is always the expert forum , where specialists from science and industry discuss current issues and present new trends. Under the heading of Cleaning and Pretreatment, topics include industrial cleaning with pulsed laser systems, activation of plastics prior to electroplating, and gas phase activation with SO3.

Another topic is lightweight construction viewed from the perspective of surface technology. The multi-material mix challenge for corrosion protection plays just as much a role here as innovative surface technology in the context of new lightweight construction scenarios or, more practically, the treatment of magnesium surfaces.

The forum also covers new processes in electroplating technology, including cyanide-free electroplating of bronze coatings as a potential nickel replacement layer, decorative and functional surface protection, friction-enhancing and friction-reducing coatings, and RT-hardening zinc lamella coating. In addition to energy and material efficiency and processes for physical surface treatment.

The speakers will also look to the future: high-speed deposition welding, cross-technology hybrid coatings, smart surface control or job planning with artificial intelligence – the expert forum shows how surface technology is changing.

Another subject of great interest will be Industrie 4.0, which covers quality assurance and process optimisation in surface technology, interface standardisation with OPC UA, intelligent service systems and augmented reality for the electroplating technology of tomorrow. Finally, REACh cannot be left off the list of topics.

Fraunhofer IPA presents Stuttgart Surface Technology Prize
One reason to celebrate at SurfaceTechnology GERMANY is the regular awarding of the Stuttgart Surface Technology Prize “Die Oberfläche” (The Surface) , which the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA is presenting for the seventh time. The award ceremony was postponed along with SurfaceTechnology GERMANY, so the application phase was extended to August 14. The award ceremony takes place on Tuesday, 27 October. The competition recognizes applications and technologies from all disciplines of surface technology that enable certain products or technologies. The jury also considers the criteria of innovation leap, sustainability and industrial feasibility.