KLINGELNBERG to present innovative solutions at EMO Milan

September 2nd, 2021 9:18 am | by Admin
With the new measurement system, KLINGELNBERG presents a solution whose sensor system is ideally suited for measurements in the sub-micrometer range


Considered one of the world’s leading trade shows for machine tools, EMO is held in Italy and Germany in alternating years. Headlined “the magic world of metalworking,” the industry meetup will take place from 4 to 9 October 2021, on the fieramilano Rho how grounds in Milan. System-supplier KLINGELNBERG will present its innovations in Hall 02 Stand D14. These include the debut of the Höfler Cylindrical Gear Roll Testing Machine R 300 for high-precision testing technology.

R 300 – the gear noise finder
The Höfler Cylindrical Gear Roll Testing Machine R 300 is the latest machine development in the area of cylindrical gear technology. Due to the increasing quality requirements in large-scale transmission manufacturing, some transmission and vehicle manufacturers now require a certificate of quality for all gears installed in the powertrain. A further driver of ever-higher inspection levels is E-Mobility, which places much higher demands on the noise behavior of a transmission due to the elimination of the combustion engine.

To meet this challenge, KLINGELNBERG is building on roll testing technology, a familiar method from the bevel gear industry that is now moving into the world of cylindrical gears. Designed for all five roll testing methods, this compact machine is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to combine inspection cycles and reduce disassembly costs while benefiting from a user-friendly design. The many quality control requirements for gears can only be met with a flexible test machine.

Depending on the configuration, the R 300 provides the option of using all five roll testing methods. These include the single flank test, structure-borne noise and angular acceleration test, double-flank and helix roll test. Thus the R 300 can be used at every point in the production process chain for cylindrical gears, from monitoring the soft cutting to checking the hardening distortions to evaluating the noise behavior of the installation-ready gear. In terms of axis traversing paths, the R 300 covers the same component spectrum as the tried-and-tested Höfler Speed Viper Generating Gear Grinding Machine. Wheel components can be tested up to an outside diameter of 300 mm. In conjunction with the optional counter support, shafts up to 800 mm long in extreme cases can be analysed to determine their running performance and noise behavior. Yet the machine’s footprint is a compact 2 m2 – saving costs on expensive production floorspace.

Reducing measurement times in serial measurement with a hybrid solution
Klingelnberg first presented the initial development stage of the hybrid solution with optical measuring technology at the EMO Hannover exhibition back in 2017. The application at that time centred on digitisation of axially symmetrical gear components. Components such as bevel gears and cylindrical gears, and other geometries as well, can thus be measured with an extremely high point density (digitised), followed by additional processing. This additional processing is extremely flexible. In addition to simply depicting the results as a 3D model, comparisons can be made against a CAD target geometry, or a geometrical evaluation can be conducted by creating sectional views. This application is used for reverse engineering, for example.

Klingelnberg has made significant advances in the Optical Metrology system since 2017. Particularly in terms of sensor systems, measured data acquisition, and further processing, there has been significant progress. For this reason, Klingelnberg has been focusing its efforts on the entire signal chain in optical measuring technology and has joined forces with other development partners to develop a measurement system tailored specifically to the requirements of gear measurement. In this system, the active, current-carrying elements, such as a high-power light source, electronics and signal processing, are arranged separately from the sensor in the control cabinet. The distinct advantage of this is that it prevents thermal effects from occurring on the sensor itself as well as around the sensor, on the 3D tracer head, for example.

With the new measurement system, KLINGELNBERG presents a solution whose sensor system is ideally suited for measurements in the sub-micrometer range. This will allow the tactile pitch measurement to be replaced by optical measurement, significantly reducing measurement times in serial measurement applications.

Founded in 1863, machine manufacturer KLINGELNBERG is one of the leading companies in the gear industry. Thanks to numerous innovations in the areas of calculation, production, and measuring technology, it considers itself a technological leader in this industry. With its acquisition of Höfler Maschinenbau GmbH’s core business in 2012, KLINGELNBERG has added machines for machining cylindrical gears to its range of products, reinforcing its position as a holistic system provider.

Headquartered in Zurich, the machine manufacturing firm currently develops and manufactures at its sites in Zurich, Hückeswagen and Ettlingen. The company also maintains a presence with sales and service offices and numerous commercial representatives around the world. KLINGELBERG solutions are used in the automotive, commercial vehicle, and aviation industries, as well as in shipbuilding, the wind power industry and the general transmission manufacturing industry. Applications range from vehicle drives, aircraft turbine engines, and cement mill gear units to drive systems for ships and oil rigs.

With over 200 patent grants, the company continuously demonstrates its capacity for innovation. Above and beyond this, its 14001 certification and participation in the VDMA’s Blue Competence initiative give credence to the company’s sustainable, environmentally sound business practices.

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The Company Rettificatrici Ghiringhelli celebrates 100 years of its foundation and presents the new A80 line.

June 14th, 2021 12:02 pm | by Admin

Detail of the logo which celebrates the centenary of foundation of the company.

by Claudio Tacchella

The company Rettificatrici Ghiringhelli S.p.A., an Italian family-run company headquartered in Luino (VA) and world leader in the manufacturing of centerless grinding machines at very high level of accuracy and quality, is pleased to announce to the whole specialized press and to the prestigious technical trade publications the celebration of the centenary of the foundation of the company. Just to honour such important anniversary, it will present its world premiere at the next international EMO exhibition in Milan (4-9 October), i.e., a new line of centerless grinding machines called A80 (Anniversary). The new A80 will be manufactured by expanding the range of the Ghiringhelli’s products, and by entering the first place for increasing sizes and with technical features suitable for grinding operations with fixed centre on very small technical issues by size.

Rettificatrici Ghiringhelli S.p.A.
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Innovative Grinding Technologies – Fritz Studer Award 2020

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Fritz Studer AG has awarded its research prize, the “Fritz Studer Award“ for the sixth time. Applicants from several European countries submitted their work, with the winner of the CHF 10,000 prize announced as Dr-Ing. Mirko Theuer.

The Fritz Studer Award is aimed at graduates of European universities and technical colleges. The targets are creative ideas and solutions in the area of the machine tool industry. “The goal behind the research award is, on the one hand, feasible solutions and ideas which strengthen the innovative power of the machine tool industry and, on the other, our desire to use this award to promote young scientists and technicians,” states Dr-Ing. Frank Fiebelkorn, Head of Research and Technology Fritz Studer AG.

The work sent in for this Award should specifically focus on the following topics:

Innovative machine concepts or components for machine tools for precision machining

Alternative materials in mechanical engineering

Simulation models for the dynamic and thermal behavior of machine tools

Control and sensor concepts for machine tools

New or advanced manufacturing techniques, especially in hard fine machining, such as grinding, hard turning, etc.

STUDER received several studies, master theses and dissertations, with an expert jury evaluating the work. The jury consists of Prof. Dr. Konrad Wegener, Institute for Machine Tools and Production at the ETH Zurich, Dr.-Ing. Hans-Werner Hoffmeister, head of Production Engineering at the Institute of Machine Tools and Production Technology of the TU Braunschweig and Dr.-Ing. Frank Fiebelkorn, head of Research and Technology at Fritz Studer AG. Criteria for the evaluation of the works were for example the feasibility to imple-ment the idea in the machine tool industry, the innovation and quality of the idea, the scientific content and form, as well as the correctness of the statements and results.

This time, the Studer Award 2020 went to Dr. Mirko Theuer from the Institute for Production Engineering and Machine Tools at Leibniz University Hannover. He convinced the entire jury with his study entitled “Continuous generating grinding of cutting tools.“  His work deals with the development of a new type of tool grinding method for the manufacture of cutting tools such as drills, mills or saw blades, for example.

Continuous generating grinding process of a milling tool on a tool grinding machine

Award winner Mirko Theuer has transferred theoretical and practical knowledge in the continuous generating grinding of gearwheels to the conditions of a 5-axis tool grinding machine, which is normally used for machining such cutting tools. To do this he developed a mathematical model, which serves to design the worm geometry (grinding wheel) for the required cutting tool geometries. The practical tests for continuous generating grinding showed that a wide variety of tool ge-ometries can be designed. The newly developed generating grinding process enables the flutes and peripheral cutting edges of a cutting tool to be produced simultaneously with a sin-gle grinding worm, so that it is no longer necessary to use several grinding tools in succession. The new method increases the productivity of the overall process, as well as the manufactur-ing quality. The improved manufacturing quality also shows benefits for the subsequent use of a milling tool. In comparison to conventional reference mills, a 15% higher service life was established. Dr Theuer presented many other advantages of the new method in detail in his dissertation. The very high degree of innovation of this topic is also underscored by a patent application for the developed method.

“It is a fantastic feeling to receive the Fritz Studer Award. I have always hoped that my dissertation could make an innovative contribution to production technology. This award is therefore a special honour for me,“ enthused Dr.-Ing. Mirko Theuer on receiving the Fritz Studer Award and the prize money in the amount of CHF 10,000.

Fritz Studer AG
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Fritz Studer Online Press Conference 2021

April 28th, 2021 10:04 am | by Admin


The last STUDER Motion Meeting took place over a year ago. Although STUDER had experienced a decline in sales at that time, the company still recorded the third-best year since its founding. However, the economic situation had already deteriorated sharply. “Machine manufacturing is notoriously a very cyclical business and you need to be able to manage these fluctuations in order to survive,“ explains Jens Bleher, CEO of Fritz Studer AG. However, a new threat was appearing on the horizon for the world economy: the Covid pandemic. “Initially it was a matter of protecting the staff and safeguarding the company,“ continues Jens Bleher.

STUDER reacted quickly and consistently introduced extensive protective measures, with the STUDER Corona Task Force going into action from the outset. This meant that outbreaks in the factory could be prevented and STUDER was able to always provide a full service for its customers. The company is doing everything in its power to ensure that this remains the case.

STUDER has successfully withstood Covid and the downturn and overall the situation is considerably better than during the financial crisis ten years ago. The company has reacted to drops in sales with the proven annual work-hour model and, where necessary, with short-time working. Major developments have been continued and the product portfolio further developed. Numerous group projects from “UNITED GRINDING Digital SolutionsTM” play a key role in connection with digitalisation. Structural alterations and investments in new products, machinery and equipment have also been considered. “STUDER invested in 2020 and will continue to do so this year.” says Jens Bleher. “All in all, we consider ourselves to be well positioned, which is a decisive advantage, particularly in the current competitive environment.“


Apprenticeships at STUDER were also affected by the pandemic, but even in these times STUDER has stuck to its tried and tested vocational training. “The number of STUDER apprentices remains high and they make up over 11 percent of the workforce,“ explains Jens Bleher. STUDER was also able to al-ways ensure professional training. This is reflected by the success of the apprentices in their final year, all of whom were able to prepare thoroughly and all passed their final exams. In addition, an internal follow-on solution could be offered for all. STUDER is continuing to invest in apprenticeship training, such as a new NC lathe for the apprentice workshop. In addition, STUDER vocational training once again produced top-level performances last year. All four STUDER participants won medals at the SwissSkills in the disciplines of poly-mechanics and automation. With one gold, one silver and two bronze, they achieved the best results in years. “STUDER thus has the current Swiss champion in polymechanics and will be represented again at the next WorldSkillls,” concludes Jens Bleher.

Sales performance
STUDER made a promising start to 2020, until the point in March when one country after another around the world implemented drastic and strict lockdown measures. “Even in a year like this, it is important to hold on to the positive,” says Sandro Bottazzo, CSO of Fritz Studer AG. “Thanks to the very good order intake towards the end of last year, particularly from Asia and Latin Europe, but also in some cases from Central Europe, STUDER generated a substantially higher order volume than during the last major crisis in 2009. This was a positive development because the general market decline was similar to that experienced during the financial crisis more than eleven years ago,” he adds. The strong December also put the company in a positive mood. “Many of our customers are expecting a stronger second quarter or second half of 2021 in particular, which is precisely why many grinding machines were still ordered in December,” summarises Sandro Bottazzo.

“Another key factor of STUDER’s success is the broad portfolio of different universal external, internal, production and conventional cylindrical grinding machines.“ The new S33 launched in 2019 was by far the best-selling STUDER cylindrical grinding machine last year, followed by the internal grinding machines as well as the new S31 and the new favorit. Sales of the favoritCNC entry-level external grinding machine have also developed very positively.

Summing up the market in general, the order situation in Germany in particular, was low compared with previous years. This is partly due to the COVID 19 pandemic, but also to the ongoing structural changes in the automotive industry. Order intake in 2020 from Asia, North America and North-Eastern Europe remained at a very pleasing level. This was mainly due to high demand from the job shop and aerospace industry segments. Latin Europe was also quite positive, thanks to the strong end-of-year spurt from Italy. “In total, we sold our grinding machines in over 40 different countries worldwide in 2020,” explains Sandro Bottazzo.

Another key success factor over the past year was STUDER Customer Care. “Thanks to our local, customer-focused network of over 130 STUDER service technicians worldwide, we were able to provide our customers with continuous support during the pandemic, despite international restrictions,“ confirms Sandro Botazzo. This global network of service technicians is unique in this form in the universal cylindrical grinding machine market, a network which STUDER will continue to expand. “We are convinced that sustained success is only possible, if we are and remain close to our customers”, emphasizes Sandro Bottazzo.

STUDER has also further developed its portfolio of digital services. Customers can now purchase the complete UNITED GRINDING Digital SolutionsTM retrofit package with a maintenance contract at a special price. With a very wide portfolio of services, STUDER offers everything from one source throughout the entire life cycle of a cylindrical grinding machine.

Insights into STUDER production
The UNITED GRINDING Group has developed a digitalisation roadmap, which STUDER is now implementing step by step. “In addition, we also use all the technologies that we offer to our customers in our own production”, explains Stephan Stoll, COO of Fritz Studer AG.

UNITED GRINDING Digital SolutionsTM can be mentioned as an example. The Production Monitor provides an overview of the operating status of the company’s manufacturing and assembly production equipment at any time. It shows customers in real time whether and which machines are in operation and can display the corresponding production history. This is not only of particular interest and benefit for managers on the shop floor, but also for machine operators of unmanned machines. Not only can STUDER machines and other machines from the UNITED GRINDING Group be integrated into this app but, via the standardised umati interface, a wide variety of external production equipment and manufacturers can also be integrated. “At the workstation, the system also allows many detailed analyses and status reports, including information on order statuses, maintenance intervals, and any servicing that may be required,” says Stephan Stoll.

Digital tools are another step towards digitalisation: work instructions, test processes and checklists are largely paperless and are always available in the latest version. “Tablets and screens have already become indispensable aids for the STUDER assembly specialists and are used in a suitable form depending on the workstation,“ concludes Stephan Stoll.

Technology Development is at the heart of STUDER
At the STUDER Tech Center, innovations are created, and customer-specific requirements are put through their paces. Digitalisation is also a key issue in technology development. “Today and in the future, we need a transparent yet secure connection, so that process information can be easily transferred to external systems”, explains Daniel Huber, CTO of Fritz Studer AG. These are precisely the advantages offered by the STUDER OPC-UA solution. In the Tech Center all machines are also connected by means of OPC-UA to our UNITED GRINDING Digital SolutionsTM applications according to the umati universal machine tool interface standard and equipped with additional sensors. A technology innovation is the laser measuring technology with STUDER LaserControlTM. STUDER has many years of experience in basic research on the use of machine-integrated laser measuring technology for measuring grinding wheels or workpieces. Based on these findings and the latest laser measuring technology, STUDER has further developed the tool monitoring systems used in other industries, to measure workpieces on grinding machines. The latest generation of the STUDER laser measuring system LaserControlTM is suitable, not only for the contact-free measurement of tool cutting edges in the toughest conditions but also for rotating workpieces, which considerably reduces measuring time. It is unbeatably fast, precise and reliable, thanks to premium laser optics and the latest evaluation technology. Highly dynamic and contact-free measurements also allow quality assessment of high-precision PCD tools.

EMO Milan
Although STUDER gives an insight into the company’s technology, one future-oriented area remains under wraps. STUDER and the whole UNITED GRINDING Group are looking forward to surprising you with several innovations at EMO in Milan. Visit the exhibition stand at EMO Milan from 4 – 9 October 2021.

Fritz Studer AG
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Master Abrasives now a 3M approved specialist belt converter

March 30th, 2021 11:01 am | by Admin

As a long-standing key partner of 3M™ Abrasives Division, Master Abrasives has been appointed as an approved specialist converter for 3M market-leading materials into belts. High-quality 3M abrasive materials will be converted by Master Abrasives’ experienced production team at their 3M approved Daventry conversion facility. Custom belt sizes will be manufactured in just 5 days, supported by their professional customer service.

In order to be approved as a specialist converter of 3M products, Master Abrasives’ conversion facility was thoroughly assessed by 3M. Manufacturing processes were carefully reviewed, with a particular focus on the quality of the belt joints, to ensure that they could meet the exceptional high quality and standards required by 3M. The team has successfully passed this 3M qualification process and have received written approval from 3M. The sales and marketing teams are also receiving additional training to fully support 3M belt customers in line with the company’s goal to provide “solutions for industry.“

Andy Wright, Master Abrasives’ business development and national sales manager, comments, “We are proud to have met the exacting requirements needed to be a 3M converter and the recognition this gives to the high manufacturing standards at our Daventry conversion facility. Our team is prepared and are eager to support customers in identifying the optimum finishing solutions from the range of 3M’s top-performance materials. We now have the capability to offer market-leading 3M material with quick lead times all supported by the high levels of customers service that you expect from Master Abrasives.“

Belt processes are suitable for automating as is already the case in many types of engineered castings applications. It’s when automation meets high performance abrasives that the best value is realised from such an investment. Through Master, customers can access robotics and automation expertise from 3M.

Master Abrasives offers the full range of 3M coated abrasive and non-woven materials, from Cubitron™ II 984F material, to Scotch-brite™ surface conditioning belts and through to Trizact™ materials such as 237AA. Trials and product selection are supported by Master Abrasives’ office-based customer service team as well as the technical sales team that can provide more hands-on application advice by visiting the customer’s site where current government guidelines allow.

Master Abrasives has been long-serving UK distributors for 3M products and this development strengthens the partnership further. Contact Master Abrasives’ team for advice on application requirements and trials of 3M belts and products.

Master Abrasives is an independently owned company providing solutions for industry with a complete range of abrasives, power tools, tool services and machinery and equipment. The Daventry-based company has built an enviable reputation for quality and service that is as strong today as it was 50 years ago. The well-known trademark of ‘Master’ represents the high-quality product range and services offered by the company worldwide.

Since being founded as an abrasive company in 1902, 3M has become one of the world’s most trusted brands with 88,000 employees worldwide and operations in 70 countries. 3M offers a full line of abrasives to assist with metalworking applications from construction to maintenance. It keeps manufacturers on the cutting edge of competitiveness with innovative solutions that add efficiency, productivity and high performance to industrial abrasive operations.

Master Abrasives
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Leader provides the drive to improve productivity with Tecnologie FRB

March 30th, 2021 10:45 am | by Admin

Established in Italy in the early 1960s, Tecnologie FRB designs and manufactures live centres and face drivers for turning, gear cutting, and grinding applications. The company has built an enviable global reputation in this sector, and its comprehensive product ranges are now available in the UK and Eire from workholding and ancillary manufacturing product specialist, Leader Chuck International.

Products started with the FRB patented 65, 80 and 85 live centre series with axial load distribution, and continuous research and development has resulted in the more recent series of 2000, 2006 for high-speed turning, and 2008 for hard turning. With high quality steel integral shafts available with or without carbide tips, interchangeable inserts and cone shaped heads means Tecnologie FRB’s live centres offer a tangible solution to manufacturing industries’ requirements.

A complete range of revolving live centres is available, equipped with morse tapers in different sizes, both with standard and special features to fulfil most requirements.

The company’s constant quest for innovation has seen it excel in a wide range of mechanical processing, from conventional and CNC turning and gear cutting to the more demanding cylindrical grinding and tooth grinding applications.

Live centres for grinding are in the 92 series and include the models for pipe grinding and the dead centre series for hard metal applications. For gear cutting the 82 series live centres provide axial and radial load with roller bearings.

A comprehensive range of face drivers for turning, grinding and gear cutting applications is also offered, with FRB having developed its first model back in 1965. “The range of face drivers can fit any workpiece holder from 5 mm to over 300 mm diameter,” explains Leader Chucks MD Mark Jones. From the classic spring-operated system, right up to the most advanced hydraulically powered system. FRB patented balancing and holding system, which is completely mechanical and technologically state-of-the-art, always guarantees absolute reliability, constant repeatability of results and unparalleled holding capacity.”

Thanks to the introduction of face drivers, turning and grinding processes have undergone a number of innovative improvements that have resulted in shorter cycle times for many workshops. The driver acts directly on the workpiece so the cutting tool or abrasive wheel has increased access to the whole part. With none of the raw material being held in a chuck or similar device it is often possible to finish parts in one hit, minimising any potential datum errors from repositioning for second operations and so on.

Leader Chuck Systems Ltd
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Fastems to deliver laser cleaner robot for F-35 Lightning II wing assembly line

March 30th, 2021 10:37 am | by Admin
Fastems is delivering two Automated Structure Laser Cleaner (AutoSLC) units for the F-35 Lightning II Wing Line. The delivery of the new project is estimated to be completed in the end of 2021.

Fastems’ AutoSLC solution is based on a robotised system, which is equipped with a laser ablation scan head, designed to automatically remove primers and other protective coatings from F-35 wing components. Laser ablation provides a pristine surface to which nutplates can be mechanically bonded without using attach rivets. Previous methods of coating removal entailed manual sanding and solvent wiping which proved to be timely and yielded inconsistent bonding results. The Fastems AutoSLC system will process more than 3,000 drilled holes, reducing touch labour hours and improving aircraft quality for the end customer.

The AutoSLC’s new technical advancements, such as automated image processing, gathers information on quality anomalies for traceability and process improvement. It will also include a tailored operating system based on Fastems MMS (Manufacturing Management System). The solution is expected to shorten lead times by approximately 88 hours per unit, driving down the cost of the F-35.

Fastems and Lockheed Martin have previously collaborated to integrate the F-35 Lightning II Forward Fuselage Machine Tool Transfer Line (MTTL) in 2012. The MTTL has been critical in improving safety, quality, and efficiency for the F-35 forward fuselage manufacturing process.  For this project, Fastems built five Load Unload & Skin Installation (LUSI) Stations, a wash station and the MTTL Stacker Crane at the Lockheed Martin Fort Worth F-35 plant. Further, the system was scalable to enable Lockheed Martin to meet increasing production rates since 2012, currently stretching the line to 130 metres long. The Fastems MMS controls and schedules production based on the due date of the component, integrating processing phases and machining. The LUSI stations allow operators to carry out pre-assembly tasks and adjustments ergonomically. This latest MTTL solution has already delivered savings of approximately 26 hours per unit.

“We are proud and excited to continue our collaboration with Lockheed Martin on the production of their advanced, fifth-generation stealth fighter, the F-35. The path to successful cooperation with Lockheed Martin has been open and frequent collaboration from the very beginning and, together, developing a clear unified vision for the project. This has made processes and decision making much faster and has allowed us to deliver and even exceed the expected results,” says Mikko Nyman, CEO, Fastems. “This has been a truly unique project for our Finnish company, and we look forward to continuing and further expanding our cooperation with Lockheed Martin.”

Fastems has gathered a partner network of industry leaders for the development of the AutoSLC project. For example, Finnish laser processing company Ionix is helping to develop the laser ablation end effector of the robot. During the AutoSLC project delivery, with this established partner network, Fastems and the Finnish supply chain are providing a substantial contribution to the F-35 program worldwide.

“At Lockheed Martin, we test and validate any new complex solution from the initial concept, through design and build, and after delivery. The fact that Fastems understands and shares this attention to detail positions them well to deliver a quality product at every phase,” says Steve Callaghan, vice president, F-35 Business Development and Strategic Integration. “Fastems’ AutoSLC solution will help us achieve full rate production at our targeted costs and will provide our customer with a high-quality product.”

Fastems delivers intelligent factory automation solutions around cutting machine tools and related processes. It is a family-owned business with 40 years of automation experience, over 4,000 installations and main markets in Europe, North-America and Asia. Its mission is to help metalworking manufacturers improve their productivity and profitability.

Fastems’ main application fields are pallet and robotic automation, always equipped with its industry-leading production planning and execution software MMS. It also has solutions for automating the production and resource planning of stand-alone machine tools, as well as supporting its systems with a wide range of services.

Lockheed Martin, eadquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, is a global security and aerospace company that employs approximately 110,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services. For additional information, visit www.lockheedmartin.com.

Image source and copyright: Lockheed Martin. Used with permission.

Fastems Ltd
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New GrindingHub in Stuttgart opens its doors in 2021

March 29th, 2021 8:42 am | by Admin

Christoph Blättler, Swissmem; Roland Bleinroth, Messe Stuttgart; Jürgen Hauger, Vollmer Werke; Stephan Nell, United Grinding; Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, VDW

23 grinding technology market leaders already committed to new event

GrindingHub, the first edition of the new leading trade fair and the center for grinding technology, will be held from 17 to 20 May 2022 in Stuttgart. It is scheduled to be run every two years by the VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association), Frankfurt am Main, in cooperation with Messe Stuttgart and the “Machine Tools and Manufacturing Technology” industry sector of Swissmem (Association of the Swiss Mechanical, Electrical and Metal Industries) as promotional supporter.

“We’re really looking forward to the launch of this three-way team effort,” says Stephan Nell, managing director of the major Swiss grinding machine manufacturer United Grinding in Bern. “The industry is growing strongly and needs a suitable international shop window to showcase its expertise and technical innovations. The proposal they presented for the GrindingHub fair had me convinced immediately,” he affirms.

The new industry hub for grinding technology holds a great deal of potential thanks to its international orientation and its location in Stuttgart, which is central and easily accessible from all over the world. The organisers are part of a worldwide network, which includes Messe Stuttgart (numerous foreign agencies), the VDW (experience in organising EMO Hannover and METAV as well as contacts in the associations of all major manufacturing nations), and Swissmem (also with significant experience in organising joint stands at metalworking trade fairs all over the world). “The concentrated expertise of the organisers considerably raises the new GrindingHub’s chances of success,” says a convinced Jürgen Hauger, sales director at Vollmer Werke in Biberach.

The main areas of the GrindingHub will be Technology / Processes, Productivity, Automation and Digitalisation in Grinding Technology. There are also plans to present special solutions in show areas. “VDW and Messe Stuttgart combine in-depth industry know-how with extensive trade fair experience to offer a fully integrated concept. This includes sales, international marketing and media relations, the establishment of wide-reaching communication channels and the integration of international media partners,” says Roland Bleinroth, managing director of Messe Stuttgart, outlining the advantages of the new GrindingHub. The two partners have already enjoyed successful trust-based collaboration over many years, be it at the AMB in Stuttgart, the AMB Iran or the Moulding Expo, explained Bleinroth. The first step towards internationalisation has already been taken by bringing Swissmem on board as the institutional patron. “Switzerland is a big player in the field of grinding technology,” says Christoph Blättler, secretary general Machine Tool Manufacturers at Swissmem. “That’s why we’re so pleased to be involved in this future-oriented concept, to be contributing our experience in the global trade fair business and to be inputting fresh ideas,” he affirmed.

The event concept includes a digital dimension and a supplementary web conference in the odd-numbered years. “Modern trade fair concepts also have to offer online formats which allow exhibitors to increase their international reach and generate greater visibility,” says Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, executive director of the VDW. Messe Stuttgart and VDW have already gained extensive experience in the use of digital formats. “Responsible for implementing the digital part of the fair is IndustryArena, a further partner with a wide range of experience and more than half a million registered users all over the world, meaning that it already has a large and highly production-savvy pool of users to draw on.“

All the partners are convinced that the GrindingHub will be uniquely equipped as a trade fair to meet the future challenges in the industry. 23 market leaders in the grinding technology industry have committed themselves to taking part in the first edition of the new event. These are Agathon, Anca, Blaser Swisslube, Buderus Schleiftechnik, Danobat-Overbeck, DVS Group, DVS Tooling, Emag, Geibel&Hotz, Haas Schleifmaschinen, Hembrug, Isoma, Kapp-Niles, Liebherr Verzahntechnik, Naxos-Diskus, Präwema, Reishauer AG, Rollomatic, Saacke, Supfina, Tschudin, United Grinding and Vollmer.

“The clear support shown by the companies which took part in the meeting where the concept was introduced is an indication of how the Stuttgart-based trade fair approach meets with the full approval of the industry,” says Roland Bleinroth. “We are delighted by this commitment and feel sure we’ll be able to offer a highly attractive event for the grinding industry from 2022 onwards,” adds Wilfried Schäfer.

Grinding is one of the top 4 manufacturing processes within the machine tool industry in Germany. In 2020, the sector produced machines to the value of 870 million euros. Almost 80 percent were exported, with about half going to Europe. The largest sales markets are China, the USA and France. Germany, Japan and Switzerland head the list of top global producers. The grinding technology sector produced 4.9 billion euros worth of machines in 2019.

For further information, visit www.messe-stuttgart.de/grindinghub

 Visit GrindingHub also on the social media channels:





Master Abrasives appointed key supplier for 3M precision products

February 25th, 2021 9:52 am | by Admin

A long-standing partner of 3M, Master Abrasives has been appointed as a key UK supplier for 3M precision abrasives.

3M, the science-based technology company, has appointed Master Abrasives as main Authorised Distributor. This will make Master Abrasives the prime supplier for hi-tech products with the latest technology from both the 3M and Master® brands.

3M conventional and super abrasives products will be offered, from grinding wheels with revolutionary precision shaped grain (PSG) to diamond finishing films. These PSG wheels are known in industry for their unique ceramic aluminium oxide grain proven to increase efficiency and productivity where precision matters most, like in the gear, powertrain and turbine industries.

Ian Meredith, applications engineering manager at Master Abrasives, comments: “We’re known for providing solutions to customer applications. For example, to provide grinding wheels that cut cooler, faster and longer, we have developed precision products such as our Master SAWPRO™ grinding wheels for circular saw manufacture and re-sharpening. 3M is also known for developing innovative products that improve productivity, like its durable PSG bonded products. So, our reinforced partnership with 3M is an excellent result for both companies and will help our offering go from strength to strength.”

As a key 3M bonded supplier, Master Abrasives is set up to offer high levels of customer service to support the range. Looking after day-to-day queries will be Customer Service team leader, Kelly Warrington, who has a lot of experience in precision bonded products. On the technical side, Ian Meredith will provide more in-depth product support, while the sales team will help customers in identifying optimum solutions from 3M’s bonded abrasives.

The sales and marketing teams at Master Abrasives are also receiving additional training to fully support 3M bonded customers in line with the company’s goal to provide “solutions for industry.“

Contact Master Abrasives’ team for advice on application requirements and trials of 3M products or for product literature.

Master Abrasives
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Samputensili Machine Tools and Samputensili CLC become EMAG SU

February 25th, 2021 9:43 am | by Admin

The acquisition of Samputensili Machine Tools and Samputensili CLC by the EMAG Group, including the 87 employees across two sites near Bologna and Reggio Emilia, Italy, took place on February 3, 2021. The two companies will be legally integrated into the newly founded EMAG technology company, EMAG SU Srl. Over time, the plan is for the two plants of Samputensili Machine Tools and Samputensili CLC to physically merge, with a shared location near Bologna, Italy. The new company is aiming to reach 35 million euros in sales by 2025.

EMAG has decades of experience in an extremely diverse range of technologies and applications. The machine builder from southern Germany controls the entire process chain from soft to hard machining, a key factor in its ability to successfully manufacture individual production solutions and complete production systems. With the acquisition of Samputensili Machine Tools and Samputensili CLC, EMAG is systematically expanding its scope of technology by adding a range of gear production processes: shaving, gear shaping, tooth flank grinding as well as profile grinding and generating grinding. These methods perfectly supplement EMAG’s existing portfolio, which already includes hobbing, chamfering and deburring. The benefits of this addition are bigger than just the individual technologies, it shapes EMAG’s entire mechanical engineering process by making new, holistic production solutions possible. These include everything from the first turning and gear cutting operations on a blank, to the grinding of diverse shoulders, and even the final tooth flank grinding step, the latter with Samputensili technology.

By acquiring Samputensili Machine Tools and Samputensili CLC, EMAG is not only expanding its technologies, but also its customer base. This is because the technology of the Italian machine manufacturers is also used in the production of pumps and compressors, as well as components for wind turbines, aerospace applications, shipbuilding, industrial transmissions and agricultural machinery.

“The powertrain electrification in automotive engineering increases the quality requirements for gears in terms of mechanical load, accuracy and noise emission. The hard fine machining of gears plays a decisive role here,” explains Achim Feinauer, CTO of the EMAG Group. “We are also striving to highlight our extensive process expertise in the non-automotive industries. The networking opportunities for our sales department within Samputensili’s customer industries provides us with a really great opportunity to do that.”

Win-win for both companies
Samputensili Machine Tools technology is in high demand all over the world, in industries ranging from aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding and more. These industries profit from the expertise and experience that the Italian machine manufacturer has in gear machining. Within these industries, high-precision grinding, shaping and shaving machines are used, and few companies can match the wide variety offered by Samputensili. With this background, and wide ranging level of experience, Samputensili has an excellence chance of continuing its success within the market. This is even more true because each of these industries is undergoing technological transformations, while still striving to stay competitive on a global level. These changes require very specialized mechanical engineering, with many users requiring increasingly powerful production solutions that reduce costs per unit, while also meeting growing demands on component quality, within the micrometer range. In this area, Samputensili will profit from the global reach of the EMAG Group. The South German machine manufacturer handles the global distribution of machines, laying the foundation for a successful future, by supplementing and expanding existing sales and service structures within Samputensili.

When it comes to application areas for certain EMAG technologies, customer consulting is vital. “Most markets and industries are very tight-knit, and having a presence close by to provide advice and support for individual questions or concerns is critical. With EMAG’s global sales and service organisation, we are guaranteeing that. We have set a goal for ourselves to open up new application areas for EMAG SU, and are focused on continued growth,” says Markus Heßbrüggen, CEO of EMAG GmbH & Co. KG. Additionally, the companies are combining their production network: In the future, various subassemblies and parts for Samputensili machines will be manufactured at EMAG’s production site in Zerbst, one of the most sophisticated tool factories in Europe. The final assembly of machines will remain in northern Italy. With this system, many Samputensili solutions will be completed faster, and more efficiently.

Tel: 01902 376090
Email: info@uk.emag.com