Best selling heavy-duty gloves now back in stock


Best selling heavy-duty gloves now back in stock
Supply of ASAP UK’s X-TRA Thick T-GRIP Nitrile gloves, which are particularly popular in the automotive sector, had been disrupted during the pandemic

ASAP UK has announced that availability of its X-TRA Thick T-GRIP Nitrile gloves, which are designed for the most challenging conditions, are again available to buy ex-stock from the company’s UK distribution partners.

The gloves are extremely popular in the automotive sector and in many heavy – duty industrial applications.

The X-TRA Thick T-GRIP gloves have a diamond texture, which channels away fluids for superior grip in hazardous conditions. They are virtually impenetrable and highly resistant to chemicals.

Madan Natarajan, general manager at ASAP UK, comments: “We have worked very hard to minimise disruption to the supply of these very popular gloves, but it has been hard as we have necessarily focused on meeting the needs of the medical sector during the pandemic. I am delighted to say they are now back in stock.”

In addition to superior protection, the gloves are powder free, reducing the chances of allergic reaction, as well as food safe, having been tested in accordance with EU Standard 1186.

ASAP experienced severe disruption in supply during the pandemic, as the company globally focused on meeting the unprecedented demand for PPE, but this has now been overcome and supply is now back to full capacity; all X-TRA Thick gloves are again available ex–stock.

All ASAP’s gloves are manufactured, inspected and packaged with no direct skin contact as they go straight from machine to box. This is vital in an industry where hygiene control is critical. The company also manufactures Medical Grade (Type IIR) face masks.

ASAP UK was founded in 2019 and is part of a group that started in Malaysia as ASAP international in 1988. The company now has a presence in over 80 countries worldwide. All ASAP products are fully certified.

The company recently announced that its global bestselling range of cleanroom gloves is now available in the UK. These products were formally launched at the Cleanroom Technology Conference at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham in September.

Madan Natarajan concludes: “It is a core value at ASAP that we deliver on time every time every order that we accept, but the unprecedented conditions caused by the pandemic necessitated a major change in our priorities. Happily, we are now able to supply our strongest gloves again in the volumes demanded.”

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