INTRODUCING NEW & Improved Flap Discs!


Achieving Precise Results! 

Helping to increase stock removal rates, the NEW 2in1 Tyrolit Flap Discs provide the perfect combination of efficiency and durability. 

Due to a new design, these discs consist of 30% more flaps, providing not only a more specific stock removal rate, but also an increased product lifetime in a more efficient and durable capacity. 

From working with steel or stainless steel, this tool masters even the most difficult tasks, ensuring projects are completed faster and more precisely. 

With the launch of the NEW Basic 2in1 Flap Disc, produced by Egeli Egesan in Turkey, Tyrolit’s revision of their flap discs started at the beginning of October. The aim is to gradually convert the cloth of the entire Tyrolit Flap Discs range to in-house production over the next 12 months.

Ideal for the use on applications such as: 

  • Surface grinding
  • Welding seams removal
  • Machining of pipes 

Now currently available in the UK in 115 mm, 125 mm and 178mm consisting of grit sizes 40, 60, 80 and 120. 

A high abrasiveness ensures first-class application results and an excellent price-performance ratio – providing an ideal solution to the market!





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