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Vollmer introduces new grinding technology

November 29th, 2021 9:13 am | by Admin

At the recent EMO exhibition, VOLLMER delivered the exhibition premiere of its new VGrind 360S grinding machine for the complete machining of carbide tools. Acknowledged as the new standard for the complete machining of rotationally symmetric solid carbide tools, the exciting new VGrind 360S is the perfect solution for manufacturing cutting tools for aerospace, medical, automotive and general subcontract manufacturing sectors.

This new 5-axis CNC grinding machine can be used productively to machine carbide tools with a diameter up to 25.4 mm and depending on the machine kinematics and the equipping of the grinding wheel packages, it can even be used for tools up to 150 mm diameter. The VGrind 360S incorporates wear-free linear induction motors on the X, Y and Z-axes to lower maintenance costs for the machine whilst demonstrating higher surface quality for the tool and improved precision.

The tried-and-tested vertical double-spindle concept from VOLLMER now features an oriented spindle-stop for the first time. Also known as spindle indexing, this always stops the spindle at a specific position and the result is a reduction of axial run-out errors and concentricity issues whilst offsetting wear in the HSK holding system. Another new feature is a heat plate exchanger to efficiently cool motors and spindles, which in turn leads to increased thermal stability. Furthermore, this effective cooling concept that has now been optimised and extended demonstrates absolute perfection when processing tools to the tightest of tolerances.

Simple and intuitive operation is at the core of the VGrind 360S and for customers to fully exploit its potential, VOLLMER has created an ergonomic platform whereby users can operate the control panel comfortably whilst having full visibility of the work envelope. Operation via the keyboard or touchscreen allows for precise machining of the tool and the multi-function handwheel ensures even more flexibility as it can be freely positioned on the enclosure. This design allows the setting of a required axis without using the control panel.

The VGrind 360S incorporates VOLLMER’s trusted operating concept and can be operated unmanned around the clock thanks to automation features such as a pallet magazine, free-arm robot or chain magazine. The options for automation include the HP 160 pallet magazine for up to 900 tools with a double gripper to guarantee fast changeovers, the HPR 250 free-arm robot for the automatic machining of tools with various shaft diameters and the HC 4 chain magazine that has space for 39 HSK-63A tools or up to 158 shank-type tools. This automation also extends to the 8-tool grinding wheel changer that ensures you always supply the right grinding wheel for the job at hand with no manual intervention. As an option, coolant nozzles can be automatically exchanged with the wheel sets on both spindles.

VOLLMER has everything covered for maximum productivity and performance. The optional features include the flexible loading automation options for carbide tools, grinding spindles available with direct or belt drive, automatic gripper compensation as an in-process solution, wheel compensation probes, automated changing of intermediate sleeves with bayonet, an automatic stacking unit that enables the abrasive grinding wheel to be opened during the grinding process. Other available features include the simultaneous grinding wheel package and tool change in combination with the HP 160 pallet magazine or the HC 4 to reduce non-productive times during loading and a stable, fully adjustable steady rest with automatic stroke to prevent deflection and ensure optimal grinding results.

Vollmer UK Ltd
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Leader provides the drive to improve productivity with Tecnologie FRB

March 30th, 2021 10:45 am | by Admin

Established in Italy in the early 1960s, Tecnologie FRB designs and manufactures live centres and face drivers for turning, gear cutting, and grinding applications. The company has built an enviable global reputation in this sector, and its comprehensive product ranges are now available in the UK and Eire from workholding and ancillary manufacturing product specialist, Leader Chuck International.

Products started with the FRB patented 65, 80 and 85 live centre series with axial load distribution, and continuous research and development has resulted in the more recent series of 2000, 2006 for high-speed turning, and 2008 for hard turning. With high quality steel integral shafts available with or without carbide tips, interchangeable inserts and cone shaped heads means Tecnologie FRB’s live centres offer a tangible solution to manufacturing industries’ requirements.

A complete range of revolving live centres is available, equipped with morse tapers in different sizes, both with standard and special features to fulfil most requirements.

The company’s constant quest for innovation has seen it excel in a wide range of mechanical processing, from conventional and CNC turning and gear cutting to the more demanding cylindrical grinding and tooth grinding applications.

Live centres for grinding are in the 92 series and include the models for pipe grinding and the dead centre series for hard metal applications. For gear cutting the 82 series live centres provide axial and radial load with roller bearings.

A comprehensive range of face drivers for turning, grinding and gear cutting applications is also offered, with FRB having developed its first model back in 1965. “The range of face drivers can fit any workpiece holder from 5 mm to over 300 mm diameter,” explains Leader Chucks MD Mark Jones. From the classic spring-operated system, right up to the most advanced hydraulically powered system. FRB patented balancing and holding system, which is completely mechanical and technologically state-of-the-art, always guarantees absolute reliability, constant repeatability of results and unparalleled holding capacity.”

Thanks to the introduction of face drivers, turning and grinding processes have undergone a number of innovative improvements that have resulted in shorter cycle times for many workshops. The driver acts directly on the workpiece so the cutting tool or abrasive wheel has increased access to the whole part. With none of the raw material being held in a chuck or similar device it is often possible to finish parts in one hit, minimising any potential datum errors from repositioning for second operations and so on.

Leader Chuck Systems Ltd
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Matrix continued growth…                                

December 12th, 2019 12:38 pm | by Admin

Matrix Machine Tool (Coventry) Ltd was established over 100 years ago in 1913, originally famed and renowned worldwide for the manufacture and provision of high precision gauges to the worlds Engineering Industry. In 1934, Matrix successfully ventured into the design, manufacture and supply of high precision internal and external thread grinding machines manufactured in its purpose-built factory in Coventry and has not looked back since. They are still revered throughout the world for the quality and accuracy of their machines’ capabilities.

Today, Matrix continues to design, manufacture and supply its range of high precision thread grinding machines to the global market. In recent years, the HIWIN Group who has been and remains a prolific purchaser of Matrix thread grinding machines, acquired a significant shareholding in Matrix Machine. You may say that, like Victor Kiam and Remington Shavers once said, ‘they liked the machines so much they bought the company’. During the same period, they also acquired a controlling shareholding in a highly respected specialist Gear grinding and cutting CNC machine manufacturer.

Matrix Machine Tool (Coventry) Ltd was quickly identified as having significant highly skilled engineering capabilities and so these Gear machine products have been re-introduced into the portfolio of Matrix in Coventry, drawing on their historical experience and knowledge of having manufactured Gear machines from some years ago. The range is now available fully manufactured, assembled and tested from our new facility in Coventry. In-house engineering design and assessment of the existing gear machine range has already led to significant design and performance improvements.

Coming soon (in development) are a further four new models of Multi-Function CNC capabilities, namely the MBGG-100 Bevel Gear Grinder and MBGC-100 Bevel Gear Cutter, M5C-0280 Bevel Gear Cutter and the ‘yet to be named’ Multi-Function CNC with Bevel Gear, Turning and ‘Power Skiving’ capabilities. The full range of machines is briefly outlined at the end of this article.

To facilitate the inevitable expansion in demand, Matrix Machine Tool (Coventry) Ltd recently moved into a new factory providing 54,000 ft² of manufacturing floor space complete with three overhead gantry cranes. Furthermore, around 15 new employee positions have been filled including engineering apprenticeships and they’re still hiring.

The Matrix machine range comprises: –

Matrix NEW gear grinding machines

MGG-0300 CNC Continuous Gear Grinding Machine up to Ø300 mm

MFG-3540 CNC Gear Form Grinding Machine up to Ø400 mm

MVGG-0800 CNC Vertical Gear Form Grinding Machine up to Ø800 mm

MHG-3040 CNC Hob Sharpening Machine up to Ø250 mm


Matrix NEW CNC gear machine range (currently in development)

MBGG-100 CNC Bevel Gear Grinding Machine up to Ø100 mm

MBGC-100 CNC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine up to Ø100 mm

M5C-0280 CNC Bevel Gear Cutting Machine up to Ø280 mm (Ø400 mm end mill)

(Name TBC) CNC Multi-Function Cutting Machine for bevel gears, turning, power skiving


Matrix thread grinders

0550 External Thread Grinding, max. 500 mm between centres

0850 External Thread Grinding, max. 800 mm between centres

2250 External Thread Grinding, max. 2,250 mm between centres

3060 Internal Thread Grinding, max. ground bore length 100 mm

5060 Internal Thread Grinding, max. ground bore length 250 mm


Go green with Matrix Machine

Matrix Machine will unveil its largest ever exhibition display at MACH 2020 in Birmingham, while the booth at IMTS 2020 in Chicago will be even bigger again.

International Manufacturing Technology Show
September 14 – 19, 2020 • McCormick Place • Chicago

Matrix Machine Tool (Coventry) Ltd
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Email: sales@matrix-machine.com