parts2clean 2020: The international hub for component cleanliness

February 21st, 2020 12:50 pm | by Admin

The transformational wave sweeping across numerous industrial sectors and markets is presenting companies with new and ever-shifting challenges and this also applies to industrial component and surface cleaning. This trend is fully reflected by parts2clean 2020. For virtually every high-tech application in the fields of manufacturing and reprocessing, parts2clean is the information and procurement platform of choice for users of industrial cleaning technology.

New product requirements as a result of alternative drives and the turnaround in energy policy, among other factors; innovative manufacturing technologies and processes, such as additive manufacturing, digital transformation and AI; stricter regulatory requirements and climate protection targets – these are just a few examples that have triggered a number of far-reaching transformative processes in a wide variety of industries. Manufacturing steps such as component and surface cleaning are becoming increasingly important, both in production and in reprocessing. In short, component cleanliness is critical to the satisfactory quality of subsequent processes and for ensuring that products function optimally on a sustained basis.

The current changes underway in industrial component cleaning therefore require sustainable solutions tailored to the specific range of products and tasks and to the individual situation. To make appropriate investment decisions, however, a comprehensive overview of development trends, technologies, methods, processes and suppliers is necessary. “In the field of component cleaning, parts2clean facilitates comprehensive monitoring in an effective and efficient way,” says Olaf Daebler, global director of parts2clean at Deutsche Messe. “It’s the world’s largest event featuring every aspect of industrial cleaning technology, with all the relevant suppliers on board.”

Providing decision-makers with the input and choices they need
For 18 years, now, parts2clean has served as the number one information and procurement platform for users from a wide variety of industries and countries. The 2019 visitor survey revealed that for over a third of the trade visitors, parts2clean was their only source of input on available solutions. At 86 percent, the percentage of attending professionals who play a role in their company’s investment decisions is above average. A good three quarters of them indicated they had come to the show with specific investment and purchasing intent, with 39 percent indicating they were planning to invest more than €100,000. For participating exhibitors, this added up to very promising conditions for lead generation.

“parts2clean is attended by solution-seekers with specific objectives in mind. Within the following one- to two-year period, we’ve been able to generate orders from roughly 30 percent of the contacts made at the show,” reports Karl-Heinz Menauer, Sales & Technology at acp Systems AG.

Special formats and attractive supporting events add value
Spanning industries and technologies, the various solutions along the process chain of industrial component and surface cleaning provide users from all manufacturing sectors and reprocessing with specific and useful information about processes, methods, media, procedures and suppliers. In addition, the upcoming parts2clean will focus on issues such as cleaning in optoelectronics, medical technology and electronics manufacturing. Other topics featured at the 2020 flagship trade fair will include the automation and digitization of cleaning processes, the increasingly important removal of filmic-chemical contamination, precision cleaning and quality control in the cleanroom, and the selective treatment of functional surfaces. “The presentations focus not just on the current state of the art but also on future requirements and solutions,” says Olaf Daebler.

Special formats such as “Process flow component cleaning with cleanliness control in the cleanroom” and QSREIN 4.0 provide visitors with information about particular fields and encourage discussion about innovations.

With its three-day expert forum, held in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Cleaning Technology Alliance and the German Industrial Parts Cleaning Association (FiT), parts2clean features one of the most internationally renowned sources of knowledge. The presentations, with simultaneous German <> English translation, focus on trends, innovations, topics and reports from all fields of industrial component and surface cleaning.

The Guided Tours given in English on a twice-daily basis provide insight into various aspects of component and surface cleaning along the process chain, which is particularly useful to visitors with little experience in the field. This enables them to efficiently learn about solutions, innovations and suppliers for their individual needs. Exhibitors included in the Guided Tours have the chance to impress an interested audience of professionals with their products and latest solutions, thus generating additional leads.

Parts2clean 2020 takes place at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre from 22nd to 24th October.

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SurfaceTechnology GERMANY well on track

February 6th, 2020 9:24 am | by Admin

Italy and Switzerland heading up the ranks of the show’s international exhibitors

The international SurfaceTechnology GERMANY trade show taking place in Stuttgart in June 2020 is a must for user industries of surface technology, particularly in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and Italy. This is partly because of its regional appeal but is also due to the particular strength of surface treatment technology in this region. A large number of exhibitors from Italy and Switzerland have already registered.

From the automotive industry to mechanical and plant engineering or the electrical industry, the key user industries of coating technologies within Europe are increasingly found in Southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, and with roughly five months to go until the gates open on SurfaceTechnology GERMANY on 16 June, the registrations coming in are a reflection of this geographic mix. Over 200 companies have already registered, and the bookings received so far translate into roughly 6,200 square metres of space sold. Currently, over a quarter of all the exhibiting firms are from outside Germany.

“SurfaceTechnology GERMANY is where the entire surface technology sector gets together,” says Olaf Daebler, global director SurfaceTechnology GERMANY at Deutsche Messe. ” That is precisely what the show is intended to be. At the same time, the show is designed for maximum international appeal and also specifically targeted at product developers and designers looking for innovative coating solutions. Talks at the stands give rise to fresh ideas and new partnerships.”

Italy is a strong market for surface treatment technology and is regularly the most strongly represented foreign nation at SurfaceTechnology GERMANY. In terms of attendance figures, Italy also always ranks high: After Germany, the largest visitor contingents come from Austria, Italy and Switzerland. With more than 20 companies already registered, Italy is once again on track to be the nation with the largest number of exhibitors in 2020. A group pavilion for Italian companies at SurfaceTechnology GERMANY is being planned by the association A.I.F.M. (Associazione Italiana Finiture dei Metalli), which represents the Italian electroplating industry.

“Participating in SurfaceTechnology GERMANY is an outstanding opportunity for our association to demonstrate Italian excellence in surface treatment to an international audience,” says Dr Elena Travaini of the A.I.F.M. “The sector is represented as a whole: from suppliers of machinery, chemical products and accessories to companies that produce equipment and manufacturers of instruments that assess quality and water and wastewater treatment processes. This is very important because it affects human health and the environment.”

Italy’s electroplating industry is large and complex. Besides distributors, there are also a number of manufacturers of metal objects who handle the galvanizing. The A.I.F.M. estimates that there are currently around 2,500 Italian electroplating companies on the market. These are mainly small and medium-sized companies with fewer than 50 employees and predominantly located in the north of Italy.

Switzerland has also traditionally held a strong position when it comes to surface treatment technology. Once again, companies such as Forplan AG, STS Industrie SA, Tecga Technischer Galvanoservice AG, IHI Ionbond AG, Galvabau AG, ElpoChem AG and Färber & Schmid AG will be represented in Stuttgart.

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